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Over the past 20 years, Meridian has worked hard to earn its reputation for leadership in customer service, innovative use of modern technology, and its embrace of corporate social responsibility. The company prides itself on setting the example for incorporating best business practices at all operational levels, an effort it sees as beneficial not only to its own sustainability but also to that of Kosovo’s nascent business environment. With strong brand recognition throughout Kosovo, Meridian boasts positive growth for the past 10 consecutive years and has emerged as a key player in improving the community and generating economic growth in the private sector. But while its business leadership, financial growth, and top-quality services are well-known, Meridian is at heart a people-driven company. The story of Meridian’s journey to success is underlined by its resilient founders, motivated and well-trained workforce, and strong relationship with its community. Beginning with just four family members, Meridian currently employs a staff of over 500. And as the company grows, so too has its emphasis on being a responsible employer. Meridian ensures that its employee training programs offer elements beyond the bare minimum – in addition to the standard introductory training, Meridian maintains a pre-approved annual training budget that makes available training for employees in valuable spheres like sales, marketing, customer service, finance and accounting, and management. Along with these opportunities for personal development, the company structure demonstrably provides opportunities for upward mobility. As a responsible employer, Meridian helps develop the skills and loyalty of its own workforce as well as that of Kosovo’s population as a whole. Also at the heart of Meridian’s people-driven philosophy is a commitment to a healthy and progressively developing Kosovo community. To that end, Meridian ensures that it maintains a constant, positive presence within the fabric of the Kosovo community, including engagement in a number of long and short-term philanthropic efforts, sponsorship of local sports teams, support for arts initiatives, and even efforts to push for healthier lifestyle choices among its retail consumers.

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