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RECURA is a Kosovo advisory service that is focused on business insurance, financial consulting and management in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. RECURA is comprised of finance, economics, business and management experts, educated in major business schools in the United Kingdom and the US. RECURA's clients and consulting services contain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the private and public sector. RECURA is registered as a joint stock company in Kosovo and operates at regional level. RECURA offers a wide range of consultancy services tailored to the private sector in the areas of Corporate Finance, Business, Management, Corporate Governance (in partnership with IFC) and Engineering Consulting, as well as the Public Sector in Public Finance Management and Governance .

RECURA has successfully implemented over 150 projects and services over the last five years in private businesses, development agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, where their clients include some of the largest Kosovar and international companies operating in Kosovo and the region . Recently, Recura has become a credible member of CSR.

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