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Uje Rugove

Established in late 2006 in the beautiful Rugove region of Kosovo, Rugove is a private company which started out as a partnership between Unior DD and a local partner in Kosovo. During 2009, Unior DD decided to sell its Rugove actions and return to Slovenia, which opened up the opportunity to established a completely local partnership. Today, Rugove is owned equally by two local partners and with no other stakeholders to the company.

Initially, Rugove only offered bottled water in plastic bottles of 0.5l and 1.5l. After hefty investments to its factories, human resources and distribution network, and following the experience gathered by its sales teams, today Rugove has a broad product line including bottled water in glass bottles of 0.75l and 0.25l, big 6l plastic bottles, 10l plastic barrels and a selection of cheeses for the cheese market. Rugove’s revenues have increased six fold from the first year it launched its first products. Without a doubt, the extension of Rugove’s product line is backed by a continuous reinforcement and development of the company’s business management side, which is evident due to the company’s efficient functioning, fast response to consumer needs and a successful expansion in other markets.

In 2009, Rugove established its cheese producing plant near the water bottling plant in Drelaj, a decision that was influenced by the high popularity and consumption of white cheese in Kosovo. Moreover, given that most of the white cheese available in the Kosovar market is imported from outside, the new local plant is faced by a very bright future and a solid potential for growth. After standardizing production and overcoming initiall challenges, the Rugove cheese, made of fresh milk gathered in the mountains of Rugove, has been accepted very well by the consumers, a fact proven by our steady growth rates.

Today, the Rugove company is one of the rare local producers offering entirely natural products, produced right here in Kosovo. As the only Kosovar company that offers water bottled right at the source, cheese that is produced from the fresh milk of Rugove cows and that has international certifications ensuring a high quality of products and business management, Rugove is one step ahead of the market, and in sync with global standards.

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