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Coca-Cola Hellenic is one of the leading world producers of non-alcoholic beverages. With more then 42.000 employees, Coca-Cola Hellenic provides refreshment to over 560 million consumers, with more then 8 bilion of beverages yearly in 28 countries. The company produces, sales and distributes leading world brands of nonalcoholic beverages: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Burn…

Coca-Cola Hellenic is as passionate about bringing out the best in people as it is about getting results. With growing investment in training and an emphasis on home-grown talent, there are thousands of career success stories at Coca-Cola Hellenic.

Use the opportunity and become part of the system that gives its employees many opportunities for professional development and creates environment in which each individual is encouraged to realize his potentials.

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