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ProCredit Bank

The ProCredit group is made up of development-oriented banks operating in Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as a bank in Germany. Except for the ProCredit Bank in Germany, the banks follow similar strategies with the same vision for achieving their development and commercial objectives.

The parent company of the group is ProCredit Holding, a Frankfurt-based entity which guides the group. At the consolidated level, the group is supervised by the German federal banking supervision authorities, BaFin and Bundesbank.

ProCredit banks aim to help create transparent, inclusive financial sectors in developing countries and transition economies. We consider a fair, functioning financial system that enables people to save and businesses to invest and expand a very important element for economic and social development. However, in the environments in which some of these systems operate, the level of transparency in terms of pricing and consumer protection is unsatisfactory.

Therefore, we at ProCredit Bank communicate openly and fairly with our clients as well as with each other by using clear language that is easily understood by clients and the public.
ProCredit banks aim to address these important development challenges where we strive to be the partner bank for small and medium enterprises as well as to provide savings services for ordinary people.

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