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Dear prospective Kosovo CSR Network member,

Thank you for your interest to join the Kosovo CSR Network!

The Kosovo Corporate Social Responsibility Network is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by its Members for the purpose of supporting the development contribution to sustainable economic growth, through promotion of corporate social responsibility in the society. These business leaders are determined to increase the public awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to promote the best CSR practices within their companies.

As participation criteria we choose the free will of the Kosovar Enterprises to enroll in the Network and to substantially contribute to the promotion of CSR principles. Before filling the application, please read the By-Laws and the Statement on Good Corporate Governance.


The benefits of joining OUR network:

Our aim is to widen the scope of Kosovar businesses contributions to the society and furthermore strengthen this relationship

- We work to strengthen the country’s business climate and economic growth towards prosperity and Euro Atlantic integration by promoting best business practices

- We aim to raise awareness about CSR issues in Kosovo and research in the field of CSR and Global Compact principles

- Provide technical assistance to member companies when possible and also promote cross-sectoral partnership building

- Help design a national CSR policy of Kosovo by building the capacity of major governmental institutions on CSR

- Initiate mutual CSR Projects in cooperation with members

- Help building the capacity of other businesses to integrate CSR in their companies

- Interact with the largest companies and corporations operating in Kosovo

- Bring together and train future CSR trainers/consultants and build the strong network of trainers

- Best practice exchange and tool development

- Keep up with the latest CSR trends worldwide

We welcome other businesses to join the family of the CSR Network, so that together we make a difference!


As soon as you fill out the membership form, the Board of Directors approves your membership application, and you will be notified in written form.

Thank you!

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