CSR Networking Dinner

Kosovo CSR Network has organized The Networking Dinner in order to promote the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. The CSR Networking Dinner has been joined by stakeholders, including leaders of the most serious local or international companies operating in Kosovo, state leaders, international organizations and civil society.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj addressed the participants on behalf of the Government, which among other things emphasize the fact that it is very important that in Kosovo the responsibility of enterprises in the society is being enhanced. Through concrete commitments, enterprises, besides creating capital and profits, are increasingly feeling responsible to the society by taking responsible actions, whether in workers' rights, in the environment or in combating bad phenomena, which of course has resulted in the most advanced business awareness. Prime Minister Haradinaj welcomed the Kosovo CSR Network for their work towards promoting the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR incorporates all the business practices and responsibilities of businesses, within their core functions. Promoting the concept, ideas and concrete actions of Corporate Social Responsibility requires coordination and cooperation of various actors, but also the implementation of good international experiences. Mrs. Maria Alexiou, Head of the CSR Hellas Board, speaks on the experiences of European companies in CSR and emphasizes the importance of local culture in defining the behavior of companies in relation to society, taking as an example the importance of 'Trust' in our tradition as a positive approach that can determine the responsible behavior of companies in relation to Kosovo society.

Chairman of the CSR Kosovo Network, Visar Kelmendi, summarized the current activity of the Network, and emphasized the importance that will be dedicated to respecting the labor law, fighting corruption, environmental protection, and inviting non-member companies to join CSR Kosovo network. According to network leaders, it is very important to continue raising awareness about the importance of CSR, either within companies or in the education sector and in public opinion in general.