CSR EUROPE - Johnson & Johnson's Ben Davies on transforming health systems through innovation

Ben Davies, CSR Europe's Board Member and Partnership Director, Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust, has published a new blogpost on ways to transform health systems through innovation. The introduction is reproduced below.

“If we don’t innovate, we don’t survive.” These powerful words come from Bharath Balasubramaniam, President of the Sankara Eye Hospitals in India and alumnus of the Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT) programme.

On February 6 I will join our partners at the INSEAD Business School for this year’s kickoff of IHT, a professional development programme offered by INSEAD and the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust (Trust) for the past five years.

This pioneering programme equips senior managers in the health field, like Bharath, with the mindset, knowledge and skills to transform health systems and tackle their biggest challenges to offering quality care within their organisations.

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