The Roundtable for the first Strategy of CSR

The Kosovo CSR Network on 19 December 2017 hosted the Round Table to discuss the Corporate Social Responsibility Structure with stakeholders, including state organizations, international organizations, representatives of Universities, civil society, business associations and members of the CSR Network.

Part of the Panel to talk about the role of CSR in society and sustainable economic development were: Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Besim Beqaj, Minister of European Integration: Dhurata Hoxha, General Director of Raiffeisen Bank: Robert Wright, and General Director of Sharrcem: Thomas Glavas.

The Durin the Roundtable was discussed about the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for the next three years 2018-2020, and there were speakers from different sectors. Mrs. Venera Hajrullahu from KCSF emphasized the importance of civil society in promoting the CSR principles, Edon Kalludra spoke about best EU practices, and other participants commented on the role of CSR for society

We thank all participants for their presence and contribution to the first CSR Strategy.