LAB Project from Sharrcem in the municipality of Hani i Elezit


One of the main member comanies of the network, Sharrcem,has been a major citizen during the last three years in the establishment of 78 family farm businesses in Hani i Elezit municipality, thus taking CSR actions to address the challenges in the environment where they operate. The Sharrcem LAB project, co-funded by USAID, has significantly strengthened the Agriculture sector in the municipality where they operate.

They have also contributed to the technical assistance and mobilization of landowners towards the renovation of traditional agricultural production in intensive agriculture by selecting the most potential areas for development. The contribution of the Titan Sharrcem Group is 138,794.58 euros and the contribution of USAID AGRO Program was 79,572.85 euros. It should be noted that a significant contribution to the LAB project's success goes to 78 beneficiaries and their family members for their commitment to apply the knowledge gained through lectures and technical assistance on the ground.