Virtual lectures on company storytelling, and successful ways to promote the company's mission, as well as its services / products.

On May 4, starting at 13:00, the Kosovo CSR Network, with the support of the UNICEF Program in Kosovo, organized a virtual lecture on company storytelling, and a successful way to promote the company's mission as well as services. / its products.

Ariel Shaban, Extensive Business Development Coordinator & Quality Manager, from the member company of our Network, KIVO Kosova, has expressed the desire to lecture voluntarily to inform young people participating in this lecture, to further develop the story of their company, adapt it as much as possible to the audience or customers that these companies aim for.

These young people and teenagers run social businesses that are constantly monitored by our partner Innovation Center Kosovo, so that their success is guaranteed.

We are happy that our member KIVO Kosova constantly contributes to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, contributing to the empowerment of young people, among others.

* This lecture will take place in the framework of the project "Mentoring Scheme", which is implemented by the CSR Network Kosovo, and is supported by Unicef ​​Kosovo Program. This project constantly encourages the volunteerism of the private sector and other relevant sectors in empowering and professionally training young people.