UBT joined the European Pact for Youth

Pristina, 17/10/2016 - the European Pact for Youth was signed by the Rector of the University for Business and Technology - UBT, Dr. Edmond Hajrizi.

Kosovo CSR Network and UBT, together with members of the Kosovo CSR Network, will jointly establish Faculty Boards for different business, with the aim of building a serious business-education partnership which will contribute increasing youth employment.

The Support of the Pact by UBT comes naturally after many initiatives and activities of the educational institution in terms of increasing youth employment and small and medium enterprises.

UBT is an established and innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo which combines the advantages of internationally recognized universities. The university offers:

Contemporary study programs based on international quality standards, distinguished academics and experts, partnerships with renowned universities and institutions which offer the possibility for study exchange and external professional experience, modern infrastructure and modern management (in accordance with ISO 9001), direct links with the economy, academic and international research projects, and transfer of tech knowledge, and highly motivated students and personnel.

All of these components make UBT not only an important educational institution for the future of Kosovo, but a modern institution in Europe.

European Youth Pact aims to build partnerships between the public sector, private sector and youth, in order to jointly work towards the creation of new employment opportunities and benefits for youth. Through the Pact, the parties will jointly pledge to commit to create new opportunities for work experience, training, and employment apprenticeship directly to young people.