Kosovo CSR Network members have provided a one month paid internships for people affected by Down syndrome.


Kosovo CSR Network members have provided a one month paid internships for people affected by Down syndrome to help them train and integrate them into society. Interns have completed the training before starting their internships.

The Kosovo CSR Network aims to create a momentum for Kosovo society to increase the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in addressing many of the multidimensionnal challenges, including: human rights; workers' rights; environment; fighting corruption; and various issues of social character. CSR Kosovo's Executive Director, Linda Tahiri Rukiqi, thanked the members of the network for their contribution to Social Responsibility activities. She added that the internships offered by them will help in training the interns for work and towards creating an independent adult life.

The interns are involved in different activities. Gentriti, a trainee at Raiffeisen Bank, has been engaged in duties such as photocopying, printing, archiving of certain documents, involvement in work related activities such as the Job Fair where he has been giving away leaflets and other promotional and support materials. Agroni is an intern at the American School of Kosovo, who assists class teachers and engages in the school kitchen. Staff and children in ASK have a very good relationship with Agron, so ASK staff has decided to extend the internship for an additional month, where for the second month the staff has volunteerly decide to collect the money for his salary. Linda, a recruited intern from Rugova Corporation, is mainly engaged in activities such as archiving and photocopy of documents, and so far has done the job without any problems. Albion, who is currently completing the internship at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, is dealing with printed articles that he digitally translates for different purposes of the American Chamber of Commerce. In addition to these interns, in the coming months, members of the Kosovo CSR Network will also offer other internships for people affected by Down syndrome.