Frozen Music inspiring project awarded 25 architects, engineers and young professionals with scholarships and awards

Kosovo CSR Network, in collaboration with partners; Cement factories Sharrcem, Al Trade, UBT, ProCredit Bank, the University of Prishtina - Fna, the Council of European investors, since 2015, has started searching for architects and young professionals who do not lack the desire, will and passion for the profession Theirs. Frozen Inspirational Music Project: Empowering Youth through Education, has ongoing projects in support of education and empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

After working over a year Sharrcem, Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other partners, last night in a ceremony presented all the work of architects, engineers Rijn and professionals, who were winning one of 25 bonuses that were awarded on 14 November 2016.

Shqipdon Arifi (Architecture) and Bledian Nela (Construction) were awarded two first places winning full scholarships for Master studies in member countries of the EU with all expenses paid. Seven of the winners of the second won by a professional laptops with superior specifications as a means of self-employment for young architects. Ten other students in order of points assessed by the jury will have the pleasure to taste international study visits to various locations in the EU countries. Three copies of the book "Neufert" fourteen Project Management Training were rotating bonuses which ended with the awards list.

Present at the meeting were architects, international experts, representatives of Kosovo institutions, higher education, environment, business and NGOs, the important part were students and former students at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Public University Pristina and private universities.

Emmanuel Mitsou, Director of Sharrcem the occasion of the awards said that he feels satisfied that Sharrcem factory has been part of this project, in favor of strengthening the education and youth who are the future of Kosovo. On this occasion Mr. Mitsou congratulated all the winners of the prizes: "Congratulations to all the winners, I have seen and are wonderful works, the power of ideas and the diversity of ideas, giving hope that positive things will come. Inspiring the youth of this country, we started with artitektët, but I would like to think about the next two or three years, such initiatives take place for financiers, attorneys occur for all other areas. "

Robert Wright, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, said earlier that a population has not seen such a young and ambitious, and praised the students for showing creativity.

The winner of a scholarship to study in the EU, Shqipton Arifi said: "hoped that this project will draw the minds of many young Kosovars to apply to projects like Frozen after having something valuable to the youth of Kosovo and were are done many activities for development Theirs. He thanked the initiators of the project Frozen Music hoping that when he returns to Kosovo to be a generator of jobs. "

Another winner for study in the EU, among other things Bledian Nela said: "Thank you Sharrcem factory and all partners to strengthen and support this project for avancionin new ideas for Kosovo".

On behalf of the Rector of the UBT, he spoke Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Lulzim Beqiri. He stressed that UBT has opened the door for those initiatives, especially in the foreground is the student and promoting its values.

"A large part of the students regardless of capacity who are unable to come to terms having regard to the circumstances or opportunities in an arena that is closed to someone naturally can no longer post performances that has someone who can They face different problems. Therefore this project is and will be a window for all students stood aside, "- said Beqiri.

Bajram Gashani, Director of Al Trade, said: - "We hope to have as many such initiatives of local companies that it would contribute little to the community and the development and promotion of new generations."

Dr. Naser Kabashi, former Dean of FNA-UP, inter alia, said: - "We will be open and very active. This initiative has resulted in good success today I feel proud that I am here today and my students are all beneficiaries of these scholarships or representatives of these awards. "

Project leader "Frozen Music" Sento Kacaniku said: "For us and for all is important sustainability. We live in Kosovo for a long time not because of the concentration of sustainability and efficiency have made mistakes as a society. In this way, we need to support young people to have ideas that have small vessels (Kosovo) to lead in the right way.

All the works of the winners were exhibited during the awards ceremony physically and through a video, which was summarized all the winning works. Attendees had the opportunity to be introduced to these young people who symbolize the bright future of our country.