The CEO of the Kosovo CSR Network, Mr. Senton Kaçaniku, at the Morning Program of RTK Radio 2

Today the CEO of the Kosovo CSR Network, Mr. Senton Kaçaniku, was a guest at the Morning Program of RTK Radio 2, where he spoke about the role and activities of CSR Kosovo, the European Pact for Youth, and the activities of the members of CSR Kosovo.

Mr. Kaçaniku highlighted the importance of the European Pact for Youth in the case of Kosovo, and further elaborated the urgent need for more direct involvement of the private sector in national strategies on vocational education and training, thus highlighting the need for close public-private collaboration.

During his discussion on RTK Radio 2, Mr. Kaçaniku mentioned some excellent examples of Corporate Social Responsibility for local communities and marginalized groups, like Rugove Corporation’s partnership and collaboration with Down Syndrome Kosova and Sharrcem’s LAB project and support to local agricultural start-ups.

Furthermore, when speaking about CSR activities on the national level, Mr. Kaçaniku highlighted the support to the “Let’s do it Kosova” initiative to clean up Kosovo provided by Meridian Corporation and other members of the network, both financially and in terms of encouraging volunteers from their workforce.

Mr. Kaçaniku spoke about the necessity for companies to provide preferrential treatment to people with disabilities, women and other disadvantaged communities, while highlighting the need for companies to enact policies that encourage community volunteering of their employees.

When speaking about what companies should do, Mr. Kaçaniku said that there should be less aid and sponsorship of publicity events, and much more investment on sustainable support for society in for the positive effects of these activities to endure in the long term.

To summarize what CSR is, Mr. Kaçaniku explained the core principles of the UN Global Compact in human rights, environment and anti-corruption, and spoke about basic CSR practices that are not costly but should be a top priority for small business like compliance with tax and labor legislation, while also explaining that even costly CSR projects do have a long-term advantage to every party involved, as they provide for sustainable growth of the society as a whole and are the only way for serious companies to build a good reputation in the long-term.